MacDonaldStrand Photo Pub Quiz

The MacDonaldStrand photo pub quiz is aimed at photographic enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. Since the
inaugural event taking place at The Old Market, Brighton and Hove, The MacDonaldStrand Pub Quiz has been presented at The Photographers Gallery, London and the Künstlerverein Malkasten as part of Dusseldorf Photoweekend.
Each section of the MacDonaldStrand Photo Quiz is carefully constructed to engage the audience in a dialogue about photography as a cultural phenomenon, one that touches our every day lives in so many different ways. Photographers Fingers, Play-doh Photos, Name That Camera, Photo Films, Photo Fragment and Photo songs are just some of the categories that have been created to make an evening of exciting photo-trivia and discussion!

The MacDonaldStrand Photo Pub Quiz is presented by MacDonaldStrand using the latest technologies in projection and sound equipment (not provided). The MacDonaldStrand Photo Pub Quiz is designed to entertain, to educate and to inspire. The presence of the pub bar cannot be underestimated in the process of fostering creative and dynamic exchanges as part of the MacDonaldStrand Photo Pub Quiz, and is especially well utilized by the hosts, MacDonaldStrand.

MacDonaldStrand are occasionally available to ‘perform’ the MacDonaldStrand pub quiz, which can be hired for a small fee, some drinks and bar snacks.
MacDonaldStrand Pub Quiz is also available to visit Degree Course’s around the country and takes the form of a interactive lecture.[1]

The MacDonaldStrand Photo Quiz concept and all contents is copyright of MacDonaldStrand.

Please contact MacDonaldStrand for further enquiries .